Your body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy. These changes can be confusing and sometimes difficult to get used to. If this is your first pregnancy, this will be uncharted territory, but every pregnancy is different, so even if you’ve had children before, your body can change in different ways every time.

We’re here to help you prepare as much as possible, not just for the arrival of your baby, but for the changes coming for you.

Towards that end, we offer prenatal education classes, as well as parent education classes. so you are prepared and confident about what is to come.

Learn About Baby

In our prenatal classes, we’ll walk you through your baby’s development in the womb and the different stages they are going through as they grow.

Did you know a heartbeat is detectable by six weeks? Or that by the end of the third month your baby is fully formed? You can usually start feeling your baby move by around month five, and by month seven your baby’s hearing is fully formed!

We’ll cover all three trimesters, changes happening to your baby in those trimesters, and what to expect during each one.

Learn About Childbirth & Labor

As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll think more and more about labor and delivery. There are helpful ways to prepare both physically and mentally, and our classes are designed to help you feel ready when the time comes.

You’ll learn about things like:

  • Pre-term labor and Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Variations in labor
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant safety
  • And more!

Big changes and great blessings are headed your way, and our goal is to help you prepare so you’re ready and equipped as your baby is making his or her grand entrance into the world and beyond.

Contact us to learn more about the prenatal classes we offer!