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An unplanned pregnancy can feel isolating and overwhelming. The good news is, you don’t have to face it by yourself. Options for Women offers free resources and support to help you navigate your options and make the best decision for you. Just remember: You aren’t alone!

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Did you know ultrasounds provide vital information about your pregnancy that can help determine your next steps? You have a few options to choose from for your pregnancy, but first you need to know: Is the pregnancy viable? How far along is it? Where is it located? An ultrasound will answer all three. Learn more and schedule yours today.

Pregnancy Testing

You may have missed a period, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. We offer free pregnancy testing to help you get the answers you need before making any other decisions. It's the first step to knowing if you're actually pregnant. We accept walk-ins you can find out today!

STI/STD Testing and Treatment

Regular STI testing is a good idea, even if you only have one partner. Many STIs are contagious but have no symptoms, so you could unknowingly infect someone you love if you have an STI. We offer free testing and treatment, so you can pursue sexual health. Schedule your test and treatment today!

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