Pregnancy is often thought of as a “woman’s issue.” And if the pregnancy is unplanned, the voices of culture tell men they can’t have an opinion. But as a man, your role in pregnancy decisions is actually very important and we want to help you understand what that is!

A Man’s Role in Unplanned Pregnancy

Your partner is looking to you for support. She likely wants to hear your opinions, because your silence makes her feel alone. The weight of an unplanned pregnancy is enormous, and is more than one person should bear by themselves.

Your role in an unplanned pregnancy is to let your partner know she has your support and explain what that means. It shouldn’t mean that you’ll support whatever decision she makes while removing yourself from the decision-making process. Instead, she needs your input as she’s considering her options so she can make a decision that’s good for both of you. Ideally, you will make this decision together.

It’s important to be honest about how you feel. Many women choose abortion because they think that’s what their partner wants, even though it’s not what they want. Have open and honest conversations where you both express your desires, fears, expectations, and feelings.

Men’s Services

We offer free and confidential men’s services to help you during this process. If you need to talk with someone, we have men on staff who can help you understand how you’re feeling and come up with next steps.

If you and your partner decide you want to parent, we offer educational programs to equip you both for the journey ahead. Our prenatal and parenting education classes will give you the information and tools you need to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

We also offer free STD/STI testing and treatment.

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