No matter what option you’re considering for your unplanned pregnancy, you deserve to have all the facts. Abortion is a serious medical procedure that comes with side effects and risks, and it’s important to understand those risks before making a decision.

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Types of Abortions

When considering an abortion, it’s important to understand the various kinds of abortion procedures available to you. They fall into two different categories: Medical Abortions and Surgical Abortions.

Medical Abortions

Have you heard of the abortion pill? This is what is referred to as a medical abortion. It’s actually a series of two pills, one (mifepristone) taken at the doctor’s office or clinic where the abortion is prescribed, and the second (misoprostol) is taken at home at least 24 hours later.

A medical abortion is only effective and can only be prescribed during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. That’s why an ultrasound is necessary to determine the type of abortion you can have. If you’re 10 weeks or more into your pregnancy, you’ll need a surgical abortion.

Surgical Abortions

Depending on how advanced your pregnancy is, there are a few different surgical procedures. All involve an injection to cause fetal demise, and all involve manual dilation of the cervix so the pregnancy can be expelled.

A surgical abortion is more invasive and must be completed at a clinic or hospital. It is usually more expensive than a medical abortion and can require a longer recovery time.

Abortion Risks & Side Effects

Like any medication or surgery, abortion can cause serious side effects and pose certain risks. You may experience nausea, cramping, bleeding, vomiting, and fatigue after a medical or surgical abortion. A surgical abortion carries the risk of a perforated uterus and/or damage to your cervix.

It’s also important to remember there are emotional and mental side effects to abortion as well. Many women experience feelings of loss, regret, guilt, depression, anxiety, and can have trouble bonding with their partner or other children as a result. It’s essential to be aware of these risks before making your decision.

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