Do I Have to Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?

If you have confirmed a surprise pregnancy with a positive test, your mind is probably reeling for what this could mean for your future or relationship. The news could be nerve-wracking if you were not planning on a pregnancy. 

However, as your partner, they have a responsibility, and if it’s a healthy relationship, you should share the news and your decision with him.

Communication is a Healthy Component of a Relationship 

Open communication is vital to any healthy relationship, especially with your partner. The first thing to establish is your level of trust for one another.

No one should feel threatened or pressured in their pregnancy decision, and you must be mindful of how your partner may react when you share the news and how you plan on handling the pregnancy, whether it is abortion, adoption, or parenting.

Is he someone who has displayed overly-aggressive, violent, or abusive behavior in the past? If so, you are not obligated to share the news in person or do anything that may place you in harm’s way. 

However, if you can trust him, you should tell him the news and explain why you are considering all your options.

Make Sure It’s The Right Time

There is no perfect time or place to deliver unexpected or emotional news, but there is a wrong time.

While you want to protect yourself, you also want to be respectful of your partner. There may be better options than delivering it in front of a group of friends or family or if they are in the middle of rush-hour traffic.  

Pick a time when you can be fully present and in a private place to share your thoughts and feelings.

He is also entitled to his feelings, so give him time to think about them and be willing to converse with him. He may have an opinion, so try to have an open mind on his input. If he has a differing opinion, be prepared to converse with him and explain your reasoning.

Make the Final Decision

Ultimately, it is your choice when making the final decision, but it may impact your physical and mental health and your relationship with your partner.

The worst that could happen is that you have more information. At Options for Women Central Minnesota, we offer no-cost pregnancy services, and this includes options consultations where you can learn more about your options in just one appointment. If he is willing, your partner can join you as well!

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